Match and Buy

Add real value to the customer journey, with live, interactive Match and Buy solutions for the retail sector


Applicable across all factions of the retail industry, Match and Buy is an innovative digital signage technology that allows customers to interactively ‘match’ a product, with other relevant items all displayed on an onsite digital signage screen. Imagine a shopper in a supermarket looking for the perfect bottle of wine to match the steak they plan to cook for dinner. Or the customer who wants to find the exact shade of lipstick to go with the new eyeshadow she just bought. Match and Buy has the answers and the options are limitless.



  • Increase revenue by suggesting relevant cross-sales add-ons to match the product being purchased by the customer
  • Increase consumer engagement with interactive screens displaying useful and informative ‘match’ products that can in turn influence their spending behaviours
  • Create a more personalised communication channel between your business and the target audience, catalysing increased brand loyalty
  • Give your brand a step up ahead of the competition by presenting clients with innovative digital signage technologies

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