Social media is changing the way we do business today and its influence has certainly not gone unnoticed in the Digital Signage arena. Eyecatching Media can offer businesses with increasingly innovative ways to integrate social media into Digital Signage solutions, with applications that provide dynamic, personalised real-time information with the power to engage the consumer and open up new communication channels like never before.

Today there are multiple possibilities for social media integration. From repurposing content to feed your digital signage applications, to incorporating call to action hashtags which invite target markets to become your brand ambassadors. Here are just a few of the ways that Eyecatching Media can help you incorporate social media into your digital signage solutions.

  • Aggregate social media feeds: We can provide a moderation application which allows you to aggregate relevant posts and then pick and choose which ones to display on the screen.
  • Call to Action Hashtags: Engage the end user to participate in the conversation and become part of the brand community by incorporating a call to action hashtag campaign asking your target markets to share pictures and videos, as well as comment on the content on display.
  • Create a matrix of user content: Display an attractive and inclusive matrix of repurposed social media content to feed your digital signage with dynamic and engaging content.
  • Live Social Media Wall: Have real-time social media updates displayed on a digital signage social media wall during event to encourage participants to share their posts.

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