7 reasons why your business should incorporate Lift & Learn solutions today

It is no secret that Digital Signage solutions are the future of marketing for businesses across a wide spectrum of industry segments. And customisable Lift & Learn kiosks are currently fore fronting this Digital Signage innovation; enhancing the in-store experience with their engaging, interactive and informative content.

Here, Eyecatcher has created a comprehensive list of the top seven reasons why incorporating Lift & Learn technology can elevate your businesses marketing and profit margins to the next level.

  1. Improve the Shopping Experience: Improve your customers’ overall shopping experience, by providing them with relevant, educational and informative content in the right place at the right time. This in turn can help to increase customer loyalty, with clients more likely to return after a positive experience.
  1. Increase Engagement with Target Audiences: Connecting and communicating with clients and potential clients has never been more important, and with our Lift & Learn solutions, you can increase engagement with your target market groups by giving them the opportunity to learn more about your products and compare relevant key products before they buy.
  1. Influence Spending Habits: Customers are known to be more inclined to buy when they know more about the product. Lift & Learn technology can increase sales and profits by influencing spending and seamlessly converting potential clients into paying customers, using expert retail-driven content and suggested add-on purchases.
  1. Promote Specific Products: Do you have a specific brand or product that you want to promote? With Lift & Learn kiosks, you now have the unique opportunity to present your latest in-house promotions in an eye-catching, interactive and engaging way.
  1. Stand out from the Crowd: Lift & Learn technology is new, fresh and innovative in the retail industry, ensuring your business will stand out from the competition. Incorporating Lift & Learn solutions will also help improve brand perception and positive word-of-mouth reviews, with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge interactive technology available today.
  1. Easy to Customise, Manage and Update: Our bespoke Lift & Learn solutions come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the solution that exactly fits your business needs. All content is also customised and can be easily managed, updated, changed or adjusted, meaning that one kiosk can be used again and again to promote different products at specific times.
  1. Evaluate Results and Market Behaviour: Built in analytics technology allows you to see how often and for how long each product was picked up, in turn providing you with the data to ensure you maximise the efficiency of your Lift & Learn kiosks.


To learn more about Eyecatcher’s bespoke Lift & Learn solutions for the retail sector, visit our Solutions page or get in touch for a personalised solution to suit your business needs.

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