7 Tips on How to Make Your Content King

Back in 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘Content is King’. And today, the saying is just as relevant and important, especially when it comes to Digital Signage solutions.

Content for Digital Signage must be eye-catching, clear and efficient. The words you use can create a solid business identity and elevate brand perception. Successfully executed content has the power to enhance the customer experience, influence spending, and perhaps most importantly, is one of the key tools you have for increasing customer engagement; communicating with your target audience in a way that will really make them listen.

So, to help you on your path to making your content king, here are Eyecatcher’s top 7 tips for ensuring your content works for you.

  1. Keep it Fresh, Dynamic and Updated: One of the main USP’s of Digital Signage is that the content can move rather than remaining static, so play to this advantage with fresh, regularly updated, dynamic content which will catch the consumers eye, grab the attention and keep them interested for longer. With this in mind, too much motion can be detrimental to your message. Keep important features such as logos static.
  1. Keep your Text Clear, Simple and Concise: When it comes to the text, it is important to keep your audience interested and engaged. Do this by using easy-to-read fonts, dark text on light backgrounds and concise copy. This also applies to the visual elements. Clean and easy to digest is always better than cluttered, busy and complicated.
  1. Include Multiple Call to Action Options: A Call to Action is one of the key ways to convert your content into profit. Embedding a Call to Action on each of your Digital Signage screens can encourage the client to follow through and make a purchase. Make sure that your Call to Action is short and concise, starting with a strong action verb such as Buy, Get, Try, Learn, Join, Shop, and followed by incentivising words that inspire action such as Now, Today, For Free, More.
  1. Consistency is Key: Your Digital Signage should be a portal for you to communicate your brand message, voice and identity. Make sure that your content not only speaks your brand language but is also consistent with the rest of your corporate communications. This applies to the choice of words, as well as the aesthetic, colours and tone. Incorporate your logo and brand colours where possible and let consumers know who you really are as a brand.
  1. Make it Visually Pleasing: Content is not only all about the text. Include high-quality images, relevant, informative and interesting graphics and bold, eye-catching visual aids that make the message pop. In the right place and at the right time, videos are also a great way to get a message across.
  1. Get to Know Your Audience: Content is often the most successful when it is targeted to a specific market segment. Consider who you are hoping to attract with your Digital Signage and customise the content to their needs and preferences. This can include age, gender, location and trends. Directly address your audience and even acknowledge them using social media feeds or hashtags that will also work to increase engagement.
  1. Context and Timing are Key: If you have moving messages on the screen, make sure that the content doesn’t move too fast, or too slow – your audience needs to read and digest what you are communicating, but don’t make them wait around too long. Where the screens are placed has a lot to do with timing, so also consider where the screens will be placed and what your target audience will be doing at the time they see the screen.

So, now you know that digital signage is only as effective as the content you choose to display, head over to our Content page, to see how Eyecatcher can help elevate your message to be worthy of that king’s crown.

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