Top Ways and Reasons to Incorporate Social Media into Your Digital Signage Solutions

There is no avoiding social media in the business world today. The platforms have infiltrated practically every industry, providing businesses both big and small with a new way to communicate with target audiences. The similarities with Digital Signage are evident; and combined the two platforms become engaging, interactive and contemporary solutions that really work.

Tapping into our expertise in creating social media content for clients, here Eyecatcher shares some of the top ways and means to make social media meet your Digital Signage needs.


How – Hashtag Wall: Social media provides businesses with endless streams of usable content. Repurpose that social media content to be displayed on in-store Digital Signage screens and use call-to-action hashtags to encourage customers to share pictures, videos or selfies on the wall. This not only enhances the in-store experience, but also increases brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth; turns your customers into brand ambassadors and gives them a sense of being included in something special.

How – Selfie Mirror: Interactive touch-screen selfie mirrors are the perfect accessory for retail stores, hotels, malls or events. Using the most cutting-edge technology, the Selfie Mirror seamlessly and easily guides users through the process, with on-screen animations and steps as well as voice guidance. Photos can then be shared on social media using your company hashtag or sent to the users email for future use.

How – Internal Social Media Stream: Communicating with staff is just as important as communicating with clients. Establish an engaging channel of internal corporate communication via social media, using internal Digital Signage screens to display incentivising team news or motivational success stories. Create hashtags that can be used by employees and promote team building; and watch your staff satisfaction and retention rates soar!


Why – Encourage Engagement: The goal with client communications these days is all engagement, engagement, engagement. By integrating customer-inclusive social media content into your Digital Signage solutions, you can not only engage with your target audience and increase brand loyalty, but also turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Why – Reach a Wider Audience Organically: Around 3.2 billion people in the world use social media, so by engaging and interacting with clients via these platforms, you can organically increase brand exposure and visibility, raise awareness, spread the word and promote yourself to a whole new, significantly wider audience.

Why – Improve Brand Perception: If you are not using social media today, you might as well not exist. These platforms are the future of marketing, retail, sales and communication and by getting on board now, you’re ensuring your business is ahead of the curve and seen by customers as modern, relatable and relevant.

Why – Keep your Content Fresh and Dynamic: Making sure your digital signage loop stays fresh, dynamic and relevant is imperative if you want to keep your target audience interested. Integrating brand-owned or user-generated social media content is a great easy way of doing just this, with the added bonus of increased engagement and interactivity.

Want to know more about how you can get social media to work for you? At Eyecatcher we have a wide variety of options and the expertise to help you find the best ones for your business. Get in touch today.

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