Here at Eyecatching Media, we are driven by a desire to communicate in the most efficient, modern and cutting-edge ways. We see society’s rapidly increasing need for real-time information communications and messaging and respond with the solutions of the future.

Tapping into our decades of collective industry experience, we seamlessly integrate all the various digital signage components and systems, providing total turnkey solutions to each and every one of our customers. We don’t just deliver the hardware and the software – we also advise, guide and support our clients, adapting our solutions to suit their branding goals; creating engaging content that will attract the end user and designing solutions that ensure they get the best out of their digital signage applications.

After 20 years in the industry, we’ve seen where digital signage began, how it has evolved and what the future holds for this ever-growing sector. We have our fingers firmly on the pulse of the very latest trends and new technologies currently shaking things up on the scene, so that our clients are guaranteed the most up-to-date applications, and forward-thinking solutions. From the thinnest, biggest and brightest screens, to the smartest, most user-friendly new software, mobile apps and innovative interactive solutions – we stay ahead of the curve so that you can too.

About Us

Eyecatching Media is the leading Digital Signage expert in Cyprus, working in partnership with Scala and other international vendors, to provide the full spectrum of unique Digital Signage solutions.

Our Contacts

Pireos 7,
2102 Nicosia, Cyprus

(+357) 77787393