Wellness And Beauty Advisor

Stay ahead of the curve by marrying the physical retail experience with the latest e-commerce technology trends with the Wellness and Beauty Advisor; a new intelligent and interactive digital solution offering personalised beauty, wellness and retail advice to customers right at the point-of-sale.

Eyecatcher can custom make interactive Wellness and Beauty Advisor kiosks which engage audiences across a wide range of sectors within the wellness and beauty industries. Provide your target audiences with a personalised health, wellness and beauty retail experience that really stands out from the crowd.


  • Equipped with the latest digital signage technology and connected to a central management system via the Internet, the kiosk can be remotely managed, monitored and instantly updated with fresh content
  • Customers use a touch-screen interfacetointeract with the advisor, following the on-screen instructions and choosing relevant options to quickly and easily identify products that best fit their needs
  • With the touch of a button users can notify the shop’s clerk for further assistanceor to make a purchase, as well as print relevant information or send it directly to their email
  • The Wellness and Beauty Advisor is available in a range of different designs, and can be either free-standing or wall-mounted according to your needs


  • Enhance and personalise the retail experience for customers with relevant and useful information that provides them with exactly the right products to meet their individual needs
  • Improve customer loyalty,raise brand perception and increase positive word-of-mouth referrals with impressivecutting-edge Digital Signage technology that stays ahead of the competition curve
  • Bridge the gap between online e-commerce retail trends and physical offline in-store experiences
  • Increase sales and promote additional purchasesby giving shoppers a channel to discover new products specificallyfor them
  • Easily make content updates and adjustments
  • Evaluate results and market behaviour, with easy-to-read advisor analytics
  • Kiosks are self-service and unattended so that customers can anonymously identify and purchase the exact product they need without a sales assistant present

Our engaging solutions feature the following cutting-edge interactive technology

  • Built-in interactive screen
  • Interactive Software
  • Smart Watch notification App

We offer best in class service for your needs

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