Improve the visitor journey with easy-to-navigate, interactive Wayfinding technology

Ever wondered how to guide visitors around your facility or complex? Wayfinding technology uses custom touchscreen maps and digital content to provide your audience with a convenient one-stop source of dynamic information in large-scale public and private facilities such as malls, hospitals, casinos and universities. With careful planning and effective delivery, easily adapted digital Wayfinding solutions can be in the right place, at the right time, to quickly and seamlessly meet your target market’s needs.


  • Simultaneously improve service and increase sales by guiding them through your facility the way you want them to go
  • Boost brand awareness with personalised digital content and logos that send the right message about your business
  • Enhance the visitor experience with interactive displays and bespoke content and services tailored to their individual needs
  • Increase business profitability with targeted advertising integrated into your Wayfinding solutions

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Eyecatching Media is the leading Digital Signage expert in Cyprus, working in partnership with Scala and other international vendors, to provide the full spectrum of unique Digital Signage solutions.

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