Make travel as easy and streamlined as possible with automated digital signage technologies that speed up the travel process, facilitate the sharing of real-time information and generate new revenue opportunities for airports, bus terminals, public transportation services and taxi ranks.



  • Keep travellers up-to-date on important live travel information, including arrival and departure times, schedule changes, weather and news reports or customer assistance information
  • Provide an eye-catching third-party paid advertising vehicle which will generate significant addition revenue
  • Create a smooth, easy and seamless travel atmosphere for travellers and reduce wait time, with self-check in kiosks, wayfinding solutions and time perception reducing passenger entertainment
  • Cut operational costs and maximise hardware investment with permanent digital solutions in place of personnel
  • Enhance brand reputation by employing the latest in cutting-edge technology

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Eyecatching Media is the leading Digital Signage expert in Cyprus, working in partnership with Scala and other international vendors, to provide the full spectrum of unique Digital Signage solutions.

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