Hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices are not always the most warm and welcoming environments. But with easy-to-operate and easily updatable digital signage solutions, you can significantly enhance the overall experience, improve operational efficiency, streamline services and reduce costs, by providing meaningful and engaging content that makes a positive impact on visitors, patients and staff.



  • Reduce time perception by providing engaging bespoke or syndication ‘infotainment’ content in waiting areas
  • Simplify and facilitate the patient or visitor experience with helpful digital signage wayfinding solutions
  • Increase profit margins by incorporating third-party advertising or promoting additional services on your digital signage screens
  • Improve staff and in-house communications with easily and instantly updateable digital signage solutions that convey relevant information such as in-house message, protocols, and updates
  • Reinforce patient confidence by ensuring patients have easy access to the most up-to-date information

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Eyecatching Media is the leading Digital Signage expert in Cyprus, working in partnership with Scala and other international vendors, to provide the full spectrum of unique Digital Signage solutions.

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